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Checklist.comThis site can be used without having to pay anything, and (true to its name) it lets you create but one thing: checklists. These will come with due dates, reminders and notes, and all your lists are going to be accessible both online, and on your mobile.

And the service is always free, regardless of how many lists you need created. You can build as many of them as you want, and for just any kind of use whatsoever.

Getting married soon? You can create a list for that, and ensure the invitations have been sent, check the photographers have been hired, make sure the three-story wedding cake has been ordered…

Traveling to Europe for the first time? You can put a checklist together, and verify you’re bringing all your papers and documentations with you.

Getting your thesis together? You can rely on one of these checklists to make the whole research and citation process a lot smoother.

These were just three good examples that came to mind, and I’m sure you can think of a good handful more yourself. And that does nothing but highlight how flexible the whole service is, really. In Their Own Words

Free printable checklists.

Some Questions About

In which ways can these checklists be shared? Is integration with services like Facebook and Twitter already provided?