– An Open Source Tool For Educating People

Chamilo.orgA South American startup, Chamilo is a collaboration platform and an open source e-learning solution. As they put it on the site, their objective is to bring people “the best e-learning and collaboration platform in the open source world”.

As it stands today Chamilo can be installed anywhere, and educative contents can be easily created and implemented through it.

The main assets of this platform include the possibility to track the way any user is evolving and follow-up on these topics that are giving him a hard time, whereas the actual learning tools go from “serious” pieces of writing to educative games and media for the additional engagement of users. In any case, it is very important to mention that the interface is clear enough to provide an uncluttered experience to even those who are not that technically-minded.

There are two versions of this collaboration software, and one is already procurable through the site. The file is not a hefty one at all – it takes up less than 30 MB. That makes it ideal for just everybody, including those who are in developing countries and whose desktops might not be able to support a more intensive application. In Their Own Words

“E-learning and collaboration software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good enough platform for the nurturing of students all over the world, including students in countries that might be somehow limited in terms of resources.

Some Questions About

When is the second version of Chamilo becoming available?