– Create Memory Cards With Social Data

Cardsized.comCardsized enables people who are really active on social services such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare to keep a detailed track of all their activity by creating cards where everything can be clearly set down, making it very easy to review all these things they’ve done on any day of the week. And a service like Cardsized is also useful for showing others what one’s been up to recently, as merely sharing the relevant card will give other people a perfect understanding of what he has done on the dates that apply.

Status updates, tweets, check-ins… it can all be included on any of these cards, along with images from sites such as Flickr. Everything can be ordered by priority, in a drag and drop fashion. And the content of any card can actually be tagged as the user sees fit, effectively letting him present its content in a way that’s instantly relatable to others.

Cardsized has been created by a two-man team from Japan, composed by Shinsuke Terada and Makoto Hirose. In Their Own Words

Make memory cards from your social online-life, sharing. Easily manipulated by drag and drop card of tweet, photo and checkin.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t more social services be supported? What have users of the site specifically requested?