– A Better Way To Build Coming Soon Pages

Capturely.comCreating a Coming Soon page is not really something as easy as it seems. Just think about it – you have to do much more than adding a blurb saying that you are launching in three months, and that the world will be conquered by your omnipresent application (IE, another URL shortener that crashes all the time).

No, building up one such page takes a lot more work and thought than that. For example, you have to think up a reliable system for taking beta registrations and delivering the respective invites. And keeping track of who has one afterwards.

Well, that is something this new site makes instantly possible. It will let you create a page with such capabilities in just a couple of clicks.

And there is more to Capturely than that, as you will be able to build a true prototype of the site that you have in mind and see how people react to the service you intend to offer by using AdWords. Moreover, any page that you create with Capturely can be integrated with services like Clicky and Google Analytics. You will know how much interest you are arising at once. In Their Own Words

Remember that time you saw all those awesome Coming Soon pages and wanted to make one for that new idea of yours? Then you realized how annoying it was to make one. Not anymore. Capturely gives you the guts of a Coming Soon page for you make amazing.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have an advance understanding of how successful any site that you intend to launch can be.

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