BugsVoice.com – Collecting Feedback & Using It

BugsVoice.comBugs are part of each and every release, and there is nothing you can do about that. No, that’s not it.

Bugs are there for you to learn from them. Did users complain massively about this or that? Use that knowledge to give them a service which will cater to their needs minutely. And if you don’t know how to get about doing that, a site like BugsVoice will empower you to not only collect feedback but also to channel it so that the insight that you procure is employed in the best way of all.

Specifically, this service will allow you to collect the feedback of users when it comes to exceptions, and process the knowledge that has been put your way. You do so by enrolling on the site and picking an error template in order to trap errors and then interact with your customers by displaying friendly error pages. The information is saved in your account, and you can inspect the error at a later date and weigh up the feedback that has been collected.

This is a commercial service, and a free trial is provided. This trial amounts to 30 days. Once it finishes, you can opt for either a monthly plan whereby you can analyze 10 owned applications, or go for an unlimited number of licenses. Pricing particulars are found in the corresponding part of the site.

BugsVoice.com In Their Own Words

“Serve friendly errors and collect user feedback online – you’ll be up in minutes.”

Why BugsVoice.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a quick way of knowing how to improve any application you have released and making it more user-friendly.

Some Questions About BugsVoice.com

What are the limitations of the free trial? BugsVoice.com