– Testing Browser Compatibility

Browsera.comHaving a website that has a fantastic design is no good if you haven’t checked browser compatibility beforehand. That should be one of the very first things you take care of, actually.

The mere fact that a sizable amount of sites which do see release have this or the other problem when it comes to compatibility is a worrying one. Perhaps the ones behind them did not know exactly in which ways they should have checked everything, or how to get started for that matter. Browsera is a site which will ensure that is not happening again.

In principle, it will let you take care of compatibility testing tasks in a mainly automatic fashion. It can spot cross-browser layout problems and scripting errors in a smooth way, and a crawling feature will actually enable you to test the site as a whole.

This test service runs completely in the cloud, and you can try it out for free by following the link that is found on the main page. If you happen to like it, an account can be created in a very streamlined way. In Their Own Words

“Automated cross browser web application testing service.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cross-browser compatibility should never be an afterthought. This site makes it something approachable and easy to delve into.

Some Questions About

Are browsers for computes other than PCs accounted for as well?