– When Couples Break Up

BreakupNotifier.comFacebook can bring out some really negative facets of your personality. That was only to be expected, really – having access to so much private information can tip some people off. I recall reading recently that about 40 % of users keep their exes on Facebook just to look at their latest social activity, IE who they hang out with, where, and how intimately.

Leaving aside how questionable and damaging such a thing is, the fact remains that these individuals would gladly go for a service that notified them when the relationship status of their exes (or any people that they have taken a special interest in) changes. And that is exactly what Breakup Notifier does.

Breakup Notifier is a free application that can take care of letting you know whenever any person has split up with his/her partner. All you have to do is sign in using your Facebook credentials, individualize the ones you want to keep a close watch on and then make your move when the time comes. In Their Own Words

Get an email whenever the relationship status of your chosen friends changes.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you time your approach to the object of your affections on Facebook that much better.

Some Questions About

Will Facebook ever offer a similar functionality? If not, why not?