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BoxMeUpApp.comThis is the perfect application for collectors, and also for the ones who for any reason or the other have to organize an enormous number of items, such as people who are about to move anywhere. BoxMeUp will come in handy in both cases, as it lets users create QR codes that can be attached to any box where items have been stored. Upon being scanned, these QR codes will produce a full list of the items included in their respective boxes. So, knowing what has been packed where can be determined in seconds, and without having to rely on your memory any longer. A simple mobile scan will do.

When using BoxMeUp, items are placed into what are called “containers”, and that is also done really easily. A web interface enables users to do it, and track not only what goes into each container but also its actual quantity. Plus, a search tool is provided for additional convenience. Using it, you will be able to know what has gone where without having to scan anything. Which in some contexts might just be more practical and time-economic.

BoxMeUp is available at the Android Marketplace, and accounts can be created on the site for free. In Their Own Words

As the amount of stuff we collect grows, the need to organize all of that stuff also grows. Sign up with us and start organizing!

Some Questions About

How many containers can one create? And how many items can each of these have?