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Boun.crI know, I know. There’s more disposable email services out there than you could try in a lifetime. DudMail, MailCatch, NotSharingMyInfo… there’s just hundreds of them. So, it’s good to see one that tries to be different from the rest. is a disposable email service that’ll make you think as much of any of the services that were just listed as of a URL shortener like Because works by taking any email address you already have, and turning it into a shortened address to which all unwanted messages will be sent.

All you have to do to use this service is to supply your existing email address. will take care of generating a short email address from it. And in case you don’t like the one you get, then you can have it customized until it reflects who you are. Or what you do, if you intend to put it to some kind of professional use.

Whatever use you have in mind, once your email address has been created then you can have it shared on Facebook and Twitter straight from the website. The buttons for doing so are the first thing you’re shown once the conversion process is done. In Their Own Words

Enter your email to create a free, short email address. Bouncr will keep out the riffraff.

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What if you can’t customize your email address as much as you want? Is there any alternative way to have it turned into what you need? Who should you contact?