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Bookit24.comThe goal of the Bookit 24 website is to eventually become the one-stop destination for people wanting to book anything, and the word “anything” should be taken literally. Though the site so far only lets you make travel, appointment and rental bookings, the idea is to gather together all kinds of services under the same roof.


The site includes a wide range of geographical search tools, as you can specify not only the country in question but also the region, the city and the area. And an interactive map that you can click about is sure to make the whole process even easier.

Moreover, it is important to mention that service providers can resort to Bookit 24 in order to handle all their bookings. This is certainly suppler than taking bookings through the phone – you won’t have to hire and train staff to do it. And an online booking system is less error-prone, as everything is automated as much as it can be. Only if a customer inputs any date wrong will there be a problem. If not, the whole system is smooth and quite foolproof. In Their Own Words

“Book anything, anytime, anywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If more and more services are added at a steady rate, the site will have a chance of becoming a true point of reference for those wanting to book anything online.

Some Questions About

How much do service providers have to pay to use Bookit 24 to handle all their bookings?


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