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Beta.KISSInsights.comCollecting feedback is a vital part of the rendering of any service. And if you wonder in which ways could you do that both cost- and time-effectively, a site like this one is bound to assist you.

Essentially, it will empower you to create a survey either by using a template or by devising one of your very own, and then having it displayed on your site by way of a widget. This effectively lets you track and review feedback from customers in real time, and gauge the public perception of any product that you launch minute by minute when the big day comes.

The site is currently in beta, and registration for the free plan gives you the chance to use one survey with up to 30 responses. This free edition also implies that a KISSInsights banner will be displayed as part of the survey.

Ultimately, services like this one give your customer the best possible perception regarding your company. As a customer, is there something you like best than a company which actually listens back from the ones who ultimately help it pay its way? In Their Own Words

“Receiving instant customer feedback.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes communication between companies and their punters stand as something truly spontaneous.

Some Questions About

Which plans are going to be introduced later on?