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Beta.DorisApp.comPresented by Seagull systems, Doris is a new productivity tool that can be employed in order to self-organize yourself and get things done without much hassle. Like other similar tools on the web today, it makes for creating tasks and prioritizing them by dragging them around, and also by grouping them.


The emphasis is on providing users with a flexible interface that reduces procedural niggles as much as possible, and which enables anybody to get everything in its right place with a minimum of clicks.

Some features that the company hopes to implement as soon as possible include e-mail integration (a necessity, actually), as well as integration with your existing workflow. An iPhone version is also underway, and it will be a significant step forwards if only because it will add a fair share of elasticity. For the time being, if you find yourself in front of your desktop and need to get things in line this will suit you just fine. In Their Own Words

“Sort out your life with Doris.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does all a productivity tool has to do in a hassle-free manner.

Some Questions About

When will the iPhone version be ready?


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