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BestFeedsNow.comTo put it in simple words, Best Feeds Now is a new web-based reader of feeds. You can use it to read your best-loved feeds in a single page, and you can access that information from anywhere a web-enabled computer is available.

Alternatively, if you have your own site or sites and you want your visitors to be able to check out the latest content at a glance you will be capable of employing a provided widget in order to offer up that very same information to them.

When you land on the Best Feeds Now website you can always check out the best posts of the day. I noticed that these are a true jumble of languages – it would be desirable if a little intelligence were employed in order to display relevant results (IE, results which are at least intelligible).

Other than that, the site will not give you any kind of trouble. It is good and solid, and although I don’t envision myself as a Best Feeds Now frequenter I juts guess some will. Personally, I will just stick to Google Reader. In Their Own Words

“BestFeedsNow allows you to create a personal page, with your preferable sites which you will be able to read in any place and at any time. For this is necessary to create you an account on this site. If you have a site, and you want that and your site visitors read the feeds of your preferable sites, you can create a Widget, which contain the news from your preferable sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who are always looking for alternatives will find it worth a try, and even when it does not offer any unique features it is highly usable nonetheless.

Some Questions About

Will people turn to it so massively as to make it a viable option?