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Beevolve.comA social media monitoring platform, Beevolve is here to let small business owners measure the true impact they are having on sites such as Facebook and Twitter – the kind of sites that can make or break a reputation in a matter of seconds nowadays. Well, this new service is letting them stay on top of all the conversations that involve their brands either directly or indirectly, and research the social side of the market in a very thorough way. They are enabled to monitor brand health along with the overall engagement of customers, and use that information to implement more effective marketing campaigns.

Beevolve makes for filtering only the most relevant conversations, and analyzing their tone. And then, track these as they evolve and move into new spaces. Conversations can actually be grouped by geographic region, by age group, by gender and by interest. And the ability to have key metrics compared against competitors is also instrumental for devising the best marketing strategies.

And Facebook and Twitter are not the only sites that are supported. YouTube is supported to the same extent, and the same goes for the whole blogosphere.

Five paid plans are provided: “Basic”, “Standard”, “Professional”, “Team” and “Premium”. Pricing starts at $29.95 per month. In Their Own Words

Easy-to-use, comprehensive and most affordable Social Media Monitoring and Insights Platform.

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How does it compare to applications like Netvani? Which is more effective?