– A Smooth Way To Track Your Employees

BambooHR.comBambooHR presents itself as a web-based application that will let you keep track of your every employee. Through the site, you create a database that you will be able to access from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

In this way, you will centralize the data of your employees, store all their vital documents together and (ultimately) be able to streamline reporting processes.

The main strength of an application like this one lies in the time that it will let you save, and in the fact that the whole platform is accessible 24/7 from just anywhere. Also, BambooHR comes with an intuitive interface that will let you (or the person you assign to the application) get to grips with it all pretty quickly.

Four plans are already available: “Basic”, “Plus”, “Pro” and “Power”. They come with support for an increasing number of employees (from 50 to 1000) and also increasing storage (from 100 MB to 5000 MB). There is also a free plan that is limited to 10 users, but that will let you get into the swing of things quite well. In Their Own Words

“BambooHR is an online HR database that gives you easy access to your employee records, relieves paperwork headaches, and reduces employee management costs for businesses like yours.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will equip any employer with the right tools for managing and looking after his workforce.

Some Questions About

Can a free trial be initiated in each and every case?