– Capture & Share Screenshots

AwesomeScreenshot.comWith its ability to let you capture screens and have them annotated and shared, Awesome Screenshot might just be what you need in order to collaborate with your team in a far more productive way.

Granted, there are lots of applications that let you do something similar. But there is a key difference at play here, namely the many ways in which you can have screenshots annotated once they have been taken. Lots of edition tools are provided to these purposes.

You will be able to use figures like circles and rectangles, and you will also be able to draw as many lines and arrows as you need to be sure the message you want conveyed is really getting through. And you can capture both whole screens and just specific portions of pages, according to what you need to communicate.

Awesome Screenshot can be used for free. Just get the extension and install it. Both Chrome and Safari are already supported. And those who use Firefox should be catered for before too long. In Their Own Words

Capture, Annotate and Share.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great tool for collaboration – practical, fast and free. What more could you ask for?

Some Questions About

Will more browsers be supported later on?