– Automatic Foursquare Check Ins

Auto4Sq.comSuppose you always check-in with Foursquare at the very same places day after day. Wouldn’t it make sense being able to automate such a process, and be checked-in there without having to do anything? It’s not that you would save a lot of time or effort, but having these small things out of your mind in the end can let you focus on what really matters better. So, an application like the one I’m going to review now can turn to be more useful than what you might think at first.

Using Auto4Sq, you’ll be able to schedule automatic check-ins for any place that you find yourself visiting day after day. You simply authenticate who you are using your Foursquare account, pick the place you want to be automatically checked-in to every day, and that’ll be the end of it. You’re going to be checked-in to that place until you instruct the service to stop doing that.

Of course, if you are up for a bit of mischief you can always use this service to check at places you’ve never been to (and never will) in your whole life. You can effectively clone yourself, and be in several places at the same time. I don’t know if that’s what the creators of Auto4Sq had in mind when they came up with this site, but, hey it lends itself to this kind of use too. In Their Own Words

It’s a simple concept. You check-in with foursquare at the same place every day. Maybe work, maybe school, maybe your favorite quilting club. But sometimes you forget to check-in! No more. Schedule your foursquare check-ins with us and we will automatically check you in each day!

Some Questions About

What happens if you get ill? Can you have Auto4Sq not check you in when that happens?