– A Management Tool For eBay Sellers

AuctionLinc.comA site that will appeal to eBay power sellers most of all, Auction Linc is a management tool that will let them keep a firmer grasp on their every listing. This application is meant to be of help at every point during the process, from the actual creation of the listing (using a HTML library that has over 200 templates) to post-sales management.

It can take care of auto relisting items, and also of leaving feedback for you. And the presence of a series of smart widgets that can be embedded by eBay sellers on their listings gives the whole application an added touch of finesse.

When it comes to the hosting of images, Auction Linc will let you store 20 MB of photographs and pictures to begin with, and that capacity is increased up to 100 MB and 300 MB if you go for any of the paid plans that are offered. Both paid plans come with a 14-day trial.

As a platform, Auction Linc works with eBay Motors, eBay US, Canada, Australia and UK. And listings can be made across multiple sites at once using a single Auction Linc account, too. In Their Own Words

“ is a creation of Nlogic Software. We at Nlogic are a group of individuals with a lot of passion for developing software using bleeding edge technology. Our mission is to create a platform for ecommerce sellers to sell their products on a variety of channels and marketplaces. has been a great first attemtp towards that mission. It is now serving eBay sellers in and outside the US and has been well accepted as an end to end solution to manage your eBay listing needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sellers to whom eBay is their main source of income will find this very supple, if only because it automates steps that take far too much time manually.

Some Questions About

What other advantages have the two paid plans got?