– A Guide for Art

  • August 16, 2012

It’s often been said when trying to describe a work of art, ‘I don’t know what it is, but I know what I like.’ The language of art and visual expression can be found on This is an excellent reference site for anyone with an interest in artistic display, but may not have the right words to talk about what they are seeing. has a simple search engine, allowing visitors to input any term and see if it can be found on the site. There is also an alphabetical directory that allows a quick check of the more than 3,600 different descriptive phrases and words on artlex. It can be fun to click at random on an alphabetical listing just to see the definition of craftsmanship, for example, or how those in the art world use the word medal. Every specialty has its own very distinct language, and spending time on is a great way to learn more about artistic descriptions.

There are many useful tools on, with special sections dedicated to students, artists, educators and collectors or dealers. Each section provides customized ways to use the site and its resources in very specific ways. There is also a pronunciation guide – art is worldwide, and many different languages are used in the field. Knowing the right way to pronounce a word distinguishes the amateur from those more sophisticated. Students will find particularly useful when taking art appreciation classes, searching for project ideas and generally expanding their knowledge on this fascinating subject.

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