– Create Maps & Share Them With Everybody

ArcGIS.comThe tagline of this site is “Maps and Apps for everybody”, and it gives you a good indication of what to expect if you do pay it a visit. ArcGis is a resource that will appeal to people of all ages since it will let them map these events that mean something to them.

For example, children can use them to map the territory where their favourite dinosaurs lived (with the help and the imagination of their parents to guide them along, of course), whereas adults can use them to tackle both professional assignments and personal research.

One of the best parts of the whole application is that the maps which are created can be open maps to which just anybody can collaborate. That is, ArcGIS has a whole social side to it that enhances its appeal more than considerably – if you are putting the site to leisure uses you will have some fun with others, and if you are doing research the input that a professional located in a different part of the world could give you is priceless. And since maps are fully accessible on mobile devices the whole process is even more dynamic. In Their Own Words

“Maps and Apps for everybody.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns creating maps into something which is as rich and collective as the user wants it to be.

Some Questions About

Can the maps be exported? If yes, which formats are supported?