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AppFlower.comIt’s funny how things lose their technical edge. Programming, designing, coding… who could have guessed that there would come a day when the most ordinary of folks could do that? Because that’s exactly what’s happening. Just the other day, I learned of a platform named PageLines that basically lets any person create a website, regardless of how much of a designer he really is. It’s all done in a drag and drop fashion. And now, I come across AppFlower.


AppFlower lets you build web applications, in a way that’s as easy as playing with colors. Defined as a “Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool”, AppFlower allows you to create applications without having to worry about the user interface and the backend code. That’s automatically generated for you. This means that you can skip SQL, CSS, HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, and all the other common programming languages such as Java, Ruby and .Net.

A single developer license costs $729, and non-profits can use AppFlower for free. And the open source edition of the framework is available for those who are interested. It can be downloaded right here. And you can also get started by trying AppFlower on the company’s online demo environment. In Their Own Words

Need to build a web-based business application? Let AppFlower do some magic for you! AppFlower is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool which automatically generates user interface and backend code! Get started building your app.

Some Questions About

Isn’t the single developer license too expensive? How many will be partial to paying that much?


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