– Anazon is Amazon for Poor Typists is a common misspellling of and as such, Amazon has puchased the web address so that you’re automatically redirected to ther main page. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. The website went online in 1995 and originally sold only books. Seventeen years later and they sell everything from jewelry to apparel to furniture to electronics.

All these years of online retailing experience have allowed Amazon and to develop one of the most streamlined selling processes on the web. Amazon was the first to develop the one-click concept, which allowed the customer to save much of their important payment information on their website and checkout with a single click. Another revolutionary development of Amazon’s was their product rating system. This allows anyone who has purchased a product to leave a review about it’s effectiveness. This is great because before you purchase an item you can often see the impression of it from thousands of previous buyers.

In recent years, Amazon has continued to develop their brand. One of their newest products is the Kindle. This is an e-Reader that weighs less than a paperback book but can contain thousands of books for your enjoyment wherever you go. Most recently, Amazon has been putting a lot of effort towards developing cloud based services, which allow users to access and manipulate their data wherever they are. So, even if you mistype as, you’ll know that you are in good hands to make an online purchase.

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