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Akken.comAkken provides On-Demand software solutions for staffing and recruiting companies to run their entire business with one simple, integrated, web-based system. While there are a multitude of web-based suppliers of tracking and recruiting software, Akken believes it goes one step further by offering a more comprehensive solution that consolidates all business functions and processes into a single system that is easy to use and manage.


Along with providing staffing and recruiting support, Akken also integrates email, applicant tracking, CRM, accounting, human resource management and business intelligence, thereby providing the most robust solution available. In Their Own Words

“Powerfully simple staffing and recruiting software. Manage your entire business with the one web-based system that combines Email, CRM, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Applicant Tracking and more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve efficiency and one such way is by automating key areas of the business process. Akken could become a major player by supplying an integrated-tool set that will allow businesses to control all phases of the business process from one portal.

Some Questions About

While they certainly do provide an interesting package, how will this stand up against Salesforce or the plethora of others who are offering similar services?


Author : Caroline Bright

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