– Analyze Your Updates & Be More Productive is a new web service that can take care of analyzing all your status updates on Facebook and Twitter, and graph your productivity based solely on that. The idea here is that by having such data analyzed you will be capable of spotting your main time-eaters, and begin focusing your attention on these things that really matter from then on. can actually generate comprehensive reports detailing your activity, and apply many intelligent filters for determining exactly which activities fall in which category. And the information will be presented in a performance chart that will leave you in no doubt about these things that you should look into if you want to lead a more productive life.

Of course, is a free service. You can create an account in just a couple of minutes and start having your performance graphed right away. And if you are the kind who likes to try things before going for them in earnest, then you can always use the provided demo account and see the way things work out yourself. In Their Own Words is free online service that analyze your status updates from Twitter and Facebook and draws a productivity chart.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you determine how and why your social activity is getting in the way of your productivity.

Some Questions About

Will other social services ever be analyzed by besides Facebook and Twitter?