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AdRavage.comTired of checking Craigslist day in and day out to see if these items you are after have become finally listed? Well, there is an easier way to go about things. AdRavage is a new web service that will let you automate the way in which you search for items on Craigslist.

Basically, AdRavage can look through Craigslist for you, and notify you when ads matching specific criteria are posted. These notifications will be sent straight to your email address, and you will get them the minute the items you are keen on getting have been posted on Craigslist.

If all goes well and the service picks enough traction, other online marketplaces are going to be supported in the near future. These will include eBay and Yahoo Classifieds. But that will come later. For the time being you can count on AdRavage to assist you in your Craigslist searches. It is a job that it can do more than competently enough. In Their Own Words

AdRavage is a handy tool for automating the Craigslist search process. Instead of going to, you can use our site to poll Craigslist for your search terms and notify you when matching items are created.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service lets you know when appealing ads go live on Craigslist without even having to look for them yourself.

Some Questions About

Can you set down the frequency at which you want to receive email notifications?