89Wishes.com – Create A Wishlist

89Wishes.com89 Wishes is a new social shopping platform. Its users are enabled to create a public Wishlist that can then be shared with all the people they want. This includes not only members of their families and their close friends, but also the whole of the 89 Wishes community. The idea is to let users make it clear what they want to get to any person who will be involved in its eventual purchase, and also to the ones who could comment on its suitability.

A wishlist can be created in a really simple way, as merely copying and pasting a URL when prompted will be enough to have an item added to it. And wishlists can also be built up using images, so as to be more illustrative. Useful for those who have exotic tastes, and come up with items that nobody has heard of before in their lives…

89 Wishes is a free service. Accounts are created by going true a straightforward registration process, and it is always possible to log in to the service via Facebook Connect.

89Wishes.com In Their Own Words

Organise your internet shopping and make it more fun with 89 Wishes.

Why 89Wishes.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to let others clearly know what you want.

Some Questions About 89Wishes.com

In which further ways should this become integrated with Facebook and Twitter? 89Wishes.com