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WearingSocial.comHow proud are you of your Facebook/Twitter following? I ask because if the contacts you have managed to amass in either service are something others would be truly in awe of, then there is a service you would definitely like to check out. It’s named Wearing Social, and it enables users to integrate their social media lives into their wardrobes. The Wearing Social website lets people choose from lots of different t-shirt designs, and then have these personalized by granting Wearing Social access to their social media accounts.

For example, there are designs based on the generic profile picture one gets when first signing up for Facebook, but with a series of blurts highlighting the user’s number of friends. And there’s another design which pays homage to the “Like” button, yet in that design the hand with the thumb up is drawn using the profile portraits of the user’s friends.

The idea is that once the shirt is ready, the user can not only have it ordered through the site but also share the preview with all his friends on Facebook and Twitter. He will actually be getting a discount for doing so. In Their Own Words

WearingSocial has created a new way to express yourself and socialize. What we wear reflects who we are. WearingSocial allows users to integrate their social media lives into their wardrobe.

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What about letting people have designs printed on other items like mugs and posters, too?

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