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We-Row.comIf you’re passionate about rowing, but unsure if others delight in hearing you brag about your latest sprint session on the erg, you may want to redirect your comments to the new German fitness network, We-Row. We-Row is a new social network for rowers, which works much like any other basic fitness web 2.

0 site. Users can create a personal profile and upload information about their workouts (pretty limited at the moment since the site is still in its development stage – right now you may only enter in km/day). You can also see which users boast the top times, and participate in the site’s forum. In Their Own Words

“We-Row: Get Connected”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

We-Row could be a good way of connecting the rowing community across a social networking platform if it expands and jazzes up the personal profiles and adds more community-building features. It does have the advantage of uniqueness; there aren’t many other rowing communities out there.

Some Questions About

Since the site is still so new and is clearly incomplete, it’s hard to say exactly what needs improvement without being unfairly critical. Clearly, the site would need more web 2.0 features to really draw a crowd; even basic social network services like messaging, chat, and groups are absent. For now, the site should stick to making the personal profiles a little more detailed; users should be able to enter in more erg stats than just basic distance and time. If the site wants to attract serious rowers, it should also expand to include the sport of crew and not just focus on ergers.

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