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8 Ways To Use Social Media For Good

ways to use social media
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by Scott Levy


I could provide you with about a million tips when it comes what to do and what not do on your social media platforms. But I feel that these eight are really important and hope you’ll really and truly attempt to apply them to your business and your brand starting today.




If you think about social media as a way to provide value and to be seen as a resource, you’ll do really well. If all you want to do is sell and take from others, don’t waste your time.


  1. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say to your mother.
  2. Be nice! This is a public stage and the spotlight is on you and your company. Being friendly and helpful goes a long way toward building your brand and reputation.
  3. Don’t be a showoff. Don’t tout how great you are; a little humility does wonders when building a brand.
  4. Don’t sell or pitch. Social media is for connecting, building relationships, networking, and creating brand awareness. Coming off as a snake-oil salesman is a huge turnoff.
  5. Don’t automate. Social media is a two-way conversation, and automated posting is cold. Plus, you want to respond to all posts quickly – so unless someone is actively manning the battle station, your response times to your followers suffer.
  6. Don’t get angry. If someone is complaining or being rude, reply professionally and never sink to their level.
  7. Do care. Take a minute out of your busy schedule to find out more about the lives of those who follow or like your pages. These are the people that can become your brand champions, so show them you care about who they are and what they do.
  8. Give back! If you’ve had great success via social media and people are sharing your brand, message, and products or services, then give back! A little thank-you discount, prize, or giveaway can go a long way and snowball, as recipients spread the word to their followers and friends. Social media users sharing your content and brand is absolutely invaluable, so show them you appreciate it and don’t take it for granted.


This post is an edited excerpt from Scott Levy’s “Tweet Naked,” where he provides the critical information entrepreneurs need to craft a social media strategy to boost their brand and their business.


Scott Levy is the CEO of Fuel Online, an SEO & social media firm that implements advanced strategy for midsize companies, startups, Fortune 500s and celebrities. He is also a startup founder, investor, speaker, and the bestselling author of “Tweet Naked – Build your Brand via Social Media.”




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