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Wayla – Beautiful Photos That Give New Life To Our Experierences

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“In an era of limited attention, photos force us to look twice. They reveal things that are invisible to the naked eye, incomprehensible to the mind, and stirring to the soul.”


Well said.


This kind of rousing prose reminds me of another digital media platform, Medium, that aims to offer words that are more absorbing and more rewarding than your average content churning mill.


In this case, it’s a visual platform, Wayla, that refuses to rest on its laurels and presents sets of photos that truly engage the viewer and that build more gripping narratives than the dizzying carousel of forgettable images found online.


wayla landing


Wayla’s landing page greets guests with a spotlight set, showcasing an image that looks to be in motion. The feel is more like video, though the image is indeed static, not to mention, blissfully free of giphy movement. Scroll down, and the visitor will find more photo sets.


Sets, or reels (maybe worthy of the title photo essays), lean heavily toward documenting live music shows. Here, Wayla’s high-mindedness might easily fall flat, but the quality of the photos demonstrates convincingly that the site is not your typical showcase of event photography.


The overall experience is quite engaging. Wayla should have no problem enticing other photographers to join the conversation, contributing fresh perspectives to the music scene. It will be interesting to see what directions the community tugs the platform. Some added variety of subject matter would expand its appeal to a wider audience, but the opening act begs a second set.


Perhaps fittingly (and a surprise to no one), I came across Wayla while listening to a bootleg recording of a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band show in Australia during their Wrecking Ball Tour. As anyone who’s seen the Boss perform live knows well, the event lasts a night, but, the energy of the experience lives on.


Memories, the significance of events shift over time. It’s both an ordinary and profound human impulse to desire capturing our beautiful experiences so that we might revisit them for spiritual renewal, in order to explore their mysteries and power over us again and again.


Bravo, Wayla, for creating a new venue that allows us to collaborate/investigate – simply savor – our rich experiences through compelling sets of images. If you’re hungry for a more immersive photographic platform online, have a look at and keep lookout for a mobile app, teased on AngelList.


Photo Credits

Wayla/Kellen Nordstrom

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