How to submit? – Christian Resource Center is a Christian resource center whose purpose is to make available quality information and articles for the whole Christian Community.

The website is design to give and receive information and is a non profit organization. It is carried by the Watton Pentecostal Church, part of River Ministries, in Norfolk, in the United States. Here users can view and download for free quality resources. Also, anyone can submit material for distribution. The submitted materials, as well as the ones available here, can cover different areas, since there are no restrictions. So, here you can find Christian related arts, information about drugs, ethical information, prophecies, teaching materials, and bible studies, among many others. Also, you can find here all the information about the Watton Pentecostal Church and all the means to get in touch with this organization. Finally, there is a link to their official website where all the latest news and upcoming events are posted.

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