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WalkInTheWord.comThe thing I like more about religious sites is when they are not meek and inspirational, but bold and have serious design and development to them, and that’s why I liked, homepage for Christian preacher James MacDonald.

By visiting it, you can learn about this man’s ministry, read his weekly devotionals, listen to them online or download limited parts of them as podcasts; you can also keep updates on his prayer and ministry by taking a look at the blog area. One of the most interesting features about this site is the collaborative way is it developed, in the sense that the preachers keeps calling its followers to contribute stuff to the site in a variety of ways, for instance: the mission’s logo was decided upon by voting on user-submitted options; at the present time there is a contest to spot the preacher’s look-alike, the site encourages its users to submit testimonials about their faith and mission. If you want to support this ministry, take a look at the store section to buy some of his books, DVDs or CDs, or make a cash donation; the store is very simple but very nicely organized –really an example to follow by other eMerchants of religious and non-religious stuff. Care to know when this ministry will be close to you? Take a look at the events calendar to discover when he will be in your area.

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