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Voterbee | Social Network

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Quick Information

  • Startup Name: Voterbee
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Website:
  • Type of Company: Social Network
  • HQ Location: Remote

Startup Founders

Rajiv Dahiya MD – Founder & Architect
Melissa Luna – Co-founder, UX/UI Designer, Former Journalist
Andres Melo – Backend Configuration Specialist, PhD Physics
Ying Chang – Frontend Developer, AI PhD student Stanford

Startup one-liner:

Social network dedicated to polling

Problem Startup Solves:

Today there is far too much consumable information disseminated via social channels and emotionally charged content tends to spread faster. Truth is often blurred amongst the content and results in social discord and division.

Voterbee empowers users through their posted questions and by receiving real-time feedback from an engaged community of other users. We make voting on any topic social, fun and purposeful. Grow your social graph by asking questions that travel the world. Whether its politics, sports or your favorite brand, Voterbee lets you ask questions that inspire you and move others.

Progress and Current Status

Now available for iPhone & iPad. Android version in development

What is an Inspiring Story about the Startup?

I like many others watched to world come completely unhinged during the 2016 US Presidential election. It became impossible to tell truth from fiction and many stories shared on social media became propaganda and fueled division and hatred I had never before seen.

Suddenly, this became a mission. Something bigger than me and something that I felt could positively impact the world. As a doctor I became concerned about the socio and psychological effects on people from social media content. But how could I help address this issue?

As mid-term elections approached I began to sketch the most basic interaction between 2 people when they want to seek their opinion. And then it hit me, it had to be a social application where people could ask a question but get instant feedback.

It had to be something where we could learn what the world is thinking in real-time and be able to follow the trend of those opinions over time. More importantly, it needed to be in the form of a simple question. One that almost any user could instantly answer – a Yes or No question. The test was that it had to be easy enough for my mom to use yet engaging enough for a young teen.

Truth is the common place that even the most fervent opponents can use to come to consensus. This seemed like it could add some real good to the world. Voterbee was born.

What is a Company the Startup Looks Up To, and Why?

We look at LinkedIn as a social network that provides its users value. It promotes connections based on professional needs and largely tries to avoid inflammatory content. Its growth also demonstrates a network built on providing sustainable value for its community of users. LinkedIn has incorporated many product features to further add value such as recruitment advice and placement services.

The Company in Four Years Will Be…

Voterbee will be a global social network and the de facto platform for polling. It will let a global community of users see how questions and issues are related instantly from around the world. For example, how are water and food deficits in eastern Africa related to rising commodity prices in France due to governmental policies. How are the issues the affect young mothers looking for good schools for their toddlers in Johannesburg or San Francisco related.

Voterbee will grow to a $30-40 billion dollar company as it begins to monetize incoming data for brands, companies and public sector (governments).

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