Voice journaling platform Kintsugi uses innovative technology to support mental health and well-being

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Mental health is an important part of a person’s overall health and well-being. In addition to seeking professional care, there are a variety of ways to support your mental health, with journaling being a popular option. Kintsugi has modernized the practice of journaling to provide mental health support in mobile app form.

Kintsugi is a voice journaling platform designed to guide your wellness journey and help you reach your wellness goals. As you record your journal entries, voice biomarker technology gauges your levels of anxiety and depression on the GAD-7 and PHQ-9 clinical modules. Kintsugi then provides personalized recommendations for exercises based on your current state to help improve your mental well-being.

Audio recordings are transcribed into text, which Kintsugi users can edit and save. Users are also able to track their journal entries, which can be sorted by sentiment, tag, date, and duration. They can also view health trends, see the progress they’re making towards their wellness goals, and gain support from Kintsugi’s interactive community.

Kintsugi’s talk therapy software includes a neural-network model developed specifically for journal entries. It analyzes raw text and audio from the app user’s journal entries to find speech patterns that may indicate depression. In addition to gaining insight into their current mental state, users can learn how their voice biomarkers are tied to nutrition, sleep, outdoor activities and other physiological triggers. Users also receive guidance in adjusting their personal habits to help them achieve mental well-being.

Kintsugi has been award multiple National Science Foundation SBIR grants and was selected as one of 2600 applicants for Techstars UnitedHealthcare startups for 2020.


Expressive Journaling
Kintsugi users can share their thoughts, from frustrations to happy moments and everything in between. Free-flowing verse was shown in Pennebaker’s clinical studies to lead to physiological improvements in people dealing with depression and anxiety.

Measurable Data
App users are able to easily track their PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores for depression and anxiety and see progress achieved over time.

24/7 Accessibility
Kintsugi can be accessed any time of day or night, from any location, allowing users to record their thoughts whenever they want.

Wellness Exercises
A variety of well-being, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy exercises help users better understand their thinking and make positive changes to their coping strategies. There are five clinically validated core exercises available.

Progress Tracking
Using journal entries and emotional wellness markers, Kintsugi users can track their wellness over time to help them build a plan for future well-being.

Supportive Community
Users can send encouraging notes to other people as well as receive support from people in the Kintsugi community. The community is intended to help users experience empathy and feel heard.

Kintsugi is designed to empower people in their wellness journeys. It can help users directly, as well as assist clinicians and nurse practitioners in detecting depression and anxiety in their patients. Three pricing levels are available depending on your goals and needs, and team rates are available. If Kintsugi sounds like a helpful mental health solution for you or your team, visit kintsugihello.com to learn more.


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