How to submit? – Unit T-shirt Designs offers unit t-shirt designs based on American fighting branches including the Marine Corps, US Navy, Air Force, Army, and Special Forces designs.

The owner recognized the need to design the toughest, highest quality, and superior unit designs. Through these products you can enjoy the safety and comfort of owing Visual Strike Wear, and take heart in the knowledge that you possess the finest designed t-shirts in the world today. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find some categories that provide information about the site’s products. These categories are Visual Strike Wear Military T-Shirts, Custom Military Unit T-Shirts, Marine Corp Unit T-Shirts, Submarine T-Shirts, Army Military Tess with Unit Insignia, Military T-Shirts, Law Enforcement Police T-Shirts, Fire Department T-Shirts, Zeitgeist Rebel Wear, War Paint, and much more. Learn more about the quality of these products at the Testimonials category locate at the top of the homepage.

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