How to submit? – Review, Share and Search Wines

Vinivino.comVinivino is an online community for wine lovers looking to expand their palate and in general, share their wine opinions with other similar-minded people. Anyone can write reviews of their recently tasted wines and each user also has their own personal cellar where they can put wines that they love, or ones that they simply have to try.

Wines can be searched by a variety of categories including by: name, variety, winery, vintage, region and country. The top rated wines, as selected by users, are displayed on the home page and each week a new wine is selected as “Wine of the Week”. Members are awarded for posting a large quantity of reviews by having their profile placed on the home page as well. In Their Own Words

“Vinivino is a wine lover community that provides easy and efficient ways to review the wines you taste, to share them among your friends and other members and to search within your reviews and other member’s reviews.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is certainly not the only wine reviewing website out there but it is a clean one that contains everything it should. They have wisely gone the route of posting the most popular wines (determined by users) on the homepage.

Some Questions About

Perhaps they could incorporate a voting function that would allow users to vote for each other. “Best Members” would be a more appealing category than “The Most Active Members”

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