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Viewista.comIf (like me) you start your day by checking a long succession of sites one after the other, and sometimes you wish there were a way to save time and effort, you could as well benefit from a tool such as this one. You see, what Viewista does is to let you visualize several sites at a single glance, and all for free.

The system empowers you to choose the sites that you are interested in visualizing together, and then clicking on a view mode from the many that are available. These go by self-explanatory names, and they include “Slide Show”, “Two Column”, “Horizontal” and “Vertical”.

A very nice touch is that any list of sites that you create can be easily shared with others, so that at least some basic social aspects are already accounted for on the site. These lists, incidentally, go by the way of “Groupmarks”.

At the end of the day, the website is a real timesaver and any person who lives by the clock will tell you that just half an hour more on their hands can make a true difference. This site is for them. In Their Own Words

“A fantastic way to view multiple websites at once. Useful for the comparing, contrasting, browsing, and sharing of websites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who could use an additional half an hour on their hands will maximize such a solution.

Some Questions About

How many sites can be visualized at the same time?

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