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Videoplaza – Online Video Advertising Platform

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VideoplazaWith initial plans to focus on their home Swedish market and then scale internationally, VideoPlaza is the developer of a stand-alone online video advertising solution. The solution functions by allowing producers of online video content to embed interactive features directly into the video which viewers can click on to receive additional information.

Instead of working like traditional ads, where the program stops for a few minutes, these ads run congruently with the ongoing show. VideoPlaza mention on their page that in a recent project with local channel Kanal5, they were able to increase their online video revenues by 170%.

Videoplaza In Their Own Words

“VideoPlaza offers a stand-alone online video advertising solution. We help publishers of online video in the monetization of their content by supplying new interactive and non-intrusive ad formats.”

Why Videoplaza It Might Be A Killer

They seem to have the right strategy in focusing first on their home market before scaling out to the rest of the world. Video is a hot topic at the moment, as are solutions aimed at generating revenues in an effective manner. Look for VideoPlaza to play an increasing role in this space.

Some Questions About Videoplaza

This is such a crowded space that it is difficult to forecast whether VideoPlaza will able to be an internationally successful player. How does their pricing system work? Videoplaza

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