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Wuzam is a site that provides free MP3 downloads. It comes with a built-in search engine for finding songs both by artist and by title, and all the files that you can download through the site are hosted on high speed servers. And that’s the big difference between Wuzam and any P2P service that you might use to download music. You don’t have to wait for lots of users to be connected and sharing their files in order to download yours faster. All the files that you can get on will be downloaded equally fast, regardless of what time of the day it is, and how many people are connected.


That alone turns Wuzam into a really interesting service, but something that I also like a lot is the provided MP3 player. This lets you preview songs right on your browser. In practice, this means that you’ll be able to know what a song sounds like without having to download a thing. Which is just great if you’re into downloading “unofficial” live recordings. Being able to preview a file before downloading it will save you a lot of time; if the sound quality is substandard then you’ll know as much beforehand.

And an advanced search tool is available, too. This lets you filter songs both by album and by genre, so that irrelevant results are kept right out of the picture. In Their Own Words

WuZAM is an internet music search engine that makes mp3 downloads available for free. Search any song or artist you wish to hear and WuZAM’s powerful engine will discover it for you. WuZAM is the best source of free music downloads online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is easy to navigate. The site has minimum clutter and advertisements so you can focus on the site itself without being distracted. The icon with headphones that appears when you are making a search is very cute and entertaining. Using the site is very easy and the search results are fruitful.

Some Questions About

Having lists of most recently downloaded songs or most popular downloads would be a fun feature, would that ever be added?


Author : Charly Zaks

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