search cancel – TV Shows & Movies Online is one of these sites that let you watch TV shows online, completely for free. On this website, you can stay on top of these shows you have always watched, and also of these you have just become a fan of. It’s all the same, as both can be easily streamed online. All you need is a computer that can connect t the Internet. There is nothing to download, and you are not asked to create an account beforehand. (You can, however, create one if you want to comment on these shows that you’re following, and interact with other users of the site more fully.)


Browsing the site is as easy as picking the category that you want (IE, “Action”, “Drama”, “Comedy”…), and then picking these shows that you want to watch. And you can also enter their names directly on the homepage, of course, and view all the episodes that are available at once.

And if your favorite shows have ended (or they have been cancelled) and you’re looking for some new shows to watch, then that’s not a problem. comes with lots of recommendations on its homepage, along with a section in which the newest shows that have premiered are featured.

UPDATE: If you visit right now, you’ll see that the domain has been seized by the Department of Justice because of copyright claims.


Author : Caroline Bright

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