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ToneShared.comIn today’s world of cell phones and iPods, finding the right ring tone to set your cell phone apart can be difficult. Over at Toneshared.


com you will be able to find free ringtones made by artists who are well known in the electronic and alternative music scenes. Browsing through ringtones is easy. You can choose to either browse by artist or track name, so finding the ring tone you are looking for should not be a problem. Each artist has a profile on the site. This will allow you to learn more about the person behind that ringtone you are looking to download. This site is a great way for anyone not familiar with those music scenes to get the feel for what it is like by downloading ringtones from both these famous and up-and-coming artists. The ringtones are downloadable in mp3 format, so you shouldn’t have a problem using them unless you have the old-school Motorola brick phone. In Their Own Words

“Toneshared is the world’s most interesting collection of mobile phone tones made by well known musicians and artists working in the electronic and alternative music scenes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Everyone wants to stand out with their cell phone’s ringtones. This site allows users to get free mp3 ringtones while giving exposure to artists not so common in the mainstream scene.

Some Questions About

Will people dare to check out new artists or just stick to what they know? How are they making money with the site?


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