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TheSiteCanvas.comHave you got the new Facebook profile yet? Because if you haven’t, you will before too long. Facebook is making the timeline mandatory for everybody. And you’ll better start getting used to people going back through all of your past updates. Yet, there’s more to the new profile than that. I’m sure some of your friends have already got it, so you have seen that in addition to your profile picture you’ll be using a cover picture. This is a kind of backdrop for your homepage, and it can be changed as many times as you want as you would change your “true and old” profile photo.


Well, letting you get a photo ready to be used as your cover picture on Facebook is what this new service is all about. CoverCanvas lets you have a collage created just by picking the different photos you want to have featured on it. You’re given the chance to pick photos both from your profile, and from the profiles of your friends. When you’re ready, a collage maximizing every available inch of the screen will be created for you.

Like every other site for getting better images to use on your Facebook profile such as Facebook Profile Covers and MyFBCovers CoverCanvas can be used for free. In Their Own Words

Create a Custom Facebook Cover!

Some Questions About

How many photos can a single collage be made of?


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