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Sworly.comI know lots of people who use YouTube to listen to songs while they’re doing something else. Sure, there’s sites like GrooveShark that have crisper interfaces, but YouTube often beats them when it comes to the speed at which the songs are cached and streamed. But listening to songs on YouTube has got a really negative side to it, and that’s the large number of unrelated files found there. Between fakes, live versions, alternative takes and songs that have been pitched beyond recognition, it can be quite tricky to find exactly what you wanted to listen to. And that’s what this new site is trying to remedy.


Sworly is a site that provides you with nothing but legit audio files. It lets you look up songs online in a few clicks, and it prides in offering nothing but genuine results. Music from all five continents can already be streamed on the site, and its interface (shaped like a giant mosaic) makes it very quick to discover new artists.

And in addition to letting you listen to songs right on your browser, Sworly provides links to iTunes. So, the site does all it could be done not only to let you become acquainted with new music, but also to support the artists who’ve recorded it. In Their Own Words

Discover, listen to, and share music.

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How does the site work from a technical point of view? Which APIs are used?


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