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StreamFame.comStreamFame can be regarded as a direct development of the kind of service popularized by ChatRoulette. You see, it takes the basic premise of the innovative chat platform and applies it to groups.


The site lets you broadcast what you are doing to a large number of people, instead of streaming to merely one person. You are taken off air if more than 50 % of the individuals making up your audience decide to vote you down.

One of the best things is that the audience can include your friends. That is, you can tell them (via Facebook) that you are about to start streaming and they can head straight to the site in order to support you.

People are known to put sites like this one to imaginative uses – just ask Merton the improv piano player and his endless army of imitators (some are every bit as engaging as him, though). At the end of the day, StreamFame won’t cause a commotion like the one that ChatRoulette caused owing to the fact that the service is not that fresh. But the twist that this company has introduced is not without merit. In Their Own Words

“Entertain the crowd.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who tried (and liked) Chatroulette are bound to give this a look. It’s only natural.

Some Questions About

How big can it become?


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