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ScreenJelly.comScreenJelly is a free service that enables the user to record his screen activity along with his voice, and then share the results with friends and peers through Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.


This site is highly useful for showcasing what you are doing and get instant feedback.

It eliminates several steps in such a process – you simply perform and record what your app or product is intended to do, and accompany it with your voice in order to illustrate everything.

The motivation of the project, then, is not only to share knowledge but to do so in a way that is understandable to all and sundry – your grandpa, your granny and the old Joe in every street.

This tool can be employed not just by developers and designers but also by consumers who need support and technical assistance, and may not know the technical jargon necessary to fully convey the problem.

As a conclusion, if sharing visual information is what is on your mind right now, this free service is going to work out wonderfully for you. Simply visit in order to start recording and experience the power of spreading right away. In Their Own Words

“Screenjelly is a free service that records your screen activity along with your voice and lets you share it as a video with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. It’s the quickest way to show what’s on your screen and get instant feedback.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ScreenJelly is versatile enough to accommodate users of every kind, and transmit visual information as quickly and concisely as needed.

Some Questions About

What do you need in order to run it? Is it wholly browser-based?


Author : Roger Hollings

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