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Interval.inThere is no shortage of sites where you can watch Hindi movies, but stands out from the crowd by bringing together almost every film that has been released over the last couple of decades.


On you will be able to find Bollywood movies both by year and alphabetically, and the most popular films are all showcased on the site. This helps a lot when you are a bit short on inspiration and you just want to watch some quality offering without having to search the Internet for hours on end.

And there is so much more to the site than that, as users of are allowed to connect with each other and exchange both insights and opinions. That is, the site has a true social side to it, and it is all the better for that. As a matter of fact, users of are enabled to talk directly with Bollywood stars – all the celebrities that have a Twitter account can easily be contacted through the site.

The website’s content also includes TV series, expanding the options of motion entertainment available to users. If you plan to become part of the Indian cinema’s audience, you must be aware that Bollywood is an informal term that refers to the movie industry from Mumbai, India, and not the whole country’s production. However, Bollywood industry is the largest in India and one of the largest in the world. A more formal term used for Bollywood is Hindi Cinema, due to the fact that the movies are spoken in Hindi, the official language from India. Other film industries within the country use regional languages, leaving them out of the category in question. In Their Own Words

Watch Free Hindi Movies, Latest Bollywood Music Videos and Indian Comedy clips.

Why It Might Be A Killer not only lets you find the best Bollywood movies from all ages, the site also lets those who are passionate about Hindi cinema talk to each other.

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How do they manage to go on with so many competitors, especially youtube?


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