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FlickrCombat.comThe hot or not concept has found another incarnation in FlickrCombat. Two photos are pitched into a winner takes all competition.


The default category, unsurprisingly given the inclination of Flickr as a hotspot for soft porn, is babes. There are other sections for dogs, cats, landscapes, guys, cars and arts too. Clicking on your choice brings up real time stats—wins, defeats, and rank, along with the percentage of people who agree with you. If your photo has been selected to battle on FlickrCombat, you’ll be notified. It’s an interesting mashup, sometimes a little unsavory for the workplace, but entertaining nonetheless. In Their Own Words

“have fun discovering and rating the best flickr photos

you see, you like, you click

decide who wins every combat and check out who else is in the top”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site shows just how far Flickr is gaining in popularity. It also demonstrates the interesting turns mashups are taking. While it may not become a huge hit, it has its moments. It’s amusing, good for passing the time.

Some Questions About

Will Flickr users appreciate having their photos used for this purpose? Does this site have any sort of staying power?


Author : Siri Marshall

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