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Beta.MashFace.comThose who wish to let their hair down for a while might just accomplish that by paying the MashFace startup a visit. Described by its creators (a Canadian company named Xtranormal) as a way of putting voices on top of public figures’ videos, MashFace ensures that the flag of tomfoolery will keep going for a while yet, and it joins the mash-up craze that has been set by competitors like Hair Mixer and Big Stage.


The actual process couldn’t get any easier – you “cast” your actors and “direct” your clip. You will need a web cam and a high-speed connection, but that is it. Using your microphone-enabled web cam you will record the message you intend to be heard, and also add facial features to the hapless subject such as eyes and mouth. Once your mash is done, you can share it online with other users. If you did particularly well, your little baby will get promoted to the “Hall of Mash” for posterity.

Discussion forums are also provided as a further outlet that will let MashFace adepts interact with each other and share tips and advice. In Their Own Words

“Mashface is the bastard child of a 3D software/web development company in Montréal called Xtranormal, Inc. It was an awesome idea that didn’t fit in with what we were trying to do, but it was so awesome we decided to do it anyway, you know, to dilute our focus. But we pulled it off.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides an outlet for budding comedians out there.

Some Questions About

How does it fare against competitors like Hair Mixer and Omnisio?


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