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The website is a resource devoted to an international community that focuses on traditional photography practices. This means that they enjoy the non-digital approach to photography. The site is a comprehensive look at these like-minded individuals. The resources on are very extensive and the forums alone are enough to educate visitors on every aspect of the non-digital approach to film. The site features a wealth of literature that is aimed at educating the visitor about the traditional approach to photography and older photographic processes.


On the site, users can read a bunch of articles that have been aggregated and presented free of charge. These news bits are all relate to the practices of APUG. There are wonderful galleries that show beautiful photos of what the techniques practiced are capable of. Just because the art form has advanced with technology and the rapid changes in the world, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, and often times beneficial, to still develop your pictures like you did back in the old days. There are many advantages to using these processes instead of non developing. You can read all about the advantages on

The site also provides ample opportunities to interact with other members who have the same sentiment as you. The forums are bustling with users ready to converse about the industry and their styles and practices. If you have a question or just want to engage in some conversation, this is a fantastic locale to do so. Users are also permitted to read blogs and comment on them. The blogs pertain to different aspects of non digital photography and the industry in general.

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