search cancel – Creating Character Animations offers a unique way of creating visualizations, animations and illustrations using computer generated humans. Usually animating people is a very hard and complex task to make and understand, but now with Anima 3D, it is very easy to create them. The characters in their library of animations look realistic and are diverse in the way they look. Each animated character has their own clothing and personality. As seen by the demonstrations on, it is simple to create scenes using the animated people. Many backgrounds can also be used to make each shot more realistic.


Creating city settings as well as settings inside buildings is not complex at all. This software basically allows the user to virtually create any scene that they want. This would be great for creating movies and other scenes where animated people are needed.

One feature that is very proud of is their crowd feature. They make it very easy to create a realistic crowd. Not only can there be hundreds of animated people walking and moving in different directions, they also have bumping tendencies as well. When an animated person bumps into another person, they react the same way that actual people would react if walking outside on a street. The animated characters move around each other and then keep walking in the path that was intended.

This software is not free to use, although they offer a free demo for interested people. The free demo is very limited compared to the actual monetary version of the software.

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Author : Jason Taylor

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